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Outside our office door, you will find the following information: 

  • Directions, address and phone numbers to the nearest hospitals.

  • Phone numbers to the local police, local Sheriff's office (if 911 is not appropriate)

  • Phone numbers for the local fire department and ambulance

  • Our procedure for alerting you to a potential or sited tornado.  

  • Directions to the nearest tornado shelter. 

  • Phone numbers for the Ranger's station in the park.

  • Phone numbers for the nearest veterinarians.

  • RED Emergency 911 Phone available 24 hrs.

    Your safety, and the safety of your animals, is important to us.  
    Please let us know if there is any further information you may need about the area to assist you. 


  • Our rules are few and we appreciate your cooperation in helping to make a better campground that is enjoyable to everyone. No one likes rules, but they are made for a reason. It is to keep everyone and every thing safe.

  • Common sense and courtesy PLEASE - this is our back yard you are sharing with me, my family and my animals.

  • Horse Owners- Please pick your stalls daily to help keep the flies down and under control.

  • If you brought your dog(s) you MUST pick up after them. Nobody likes to stay in a site where dogs doo the things they doo and they find it unexpectedly. Please be courteous to all and clean up after them. You may walk them around the campground and if they doo there are doggie waste bags available in the Mercantile. Your site will be clean of doo when you arrive and we expect it to be clean of doo when you leave. If we have to pick up after your dog after you leave, there will be a cleaning fee charged. .

  • No pets in the common area during events.

  • Pets MUST be on a leash at all times - which includes the trails. You will be riding both private as well as National Park Trails and rules in both areas state that dogs must be on leash.  This is for the courtesy and SAFETY of ALL. Dog rules will be STRICTLY enforced.

  • Please be courteous and leave the site as you found it. 

  • There are only two places we like to see butts; in the saddle or in an ashtray. We never like to see either on the ground. If you have not brought an ashtray, either ask for one, or use an empty can. The campsites were butt free when you arrived, let's try to keep them that way.

  • Please do not leave your trash out at night and do not burn trash in the fire pits. We will be by your campsite by 10am to pick up your trash. There is a dumpster located at the end of the 2nd barn for your use. 

  • Please do not move the fire rings.  

  • Horses are allowed in the camping areas at your own risk, your welcome to let them pick grass and help Tim weedeat.

  • For the purpose of safety and space, only ONE truck/car and ONE trailer can be parked on each site. If you have extra vehicles or trailers, please see the front office for additional parking requests. 

    If you have come to visit beautiful Big South Fork, please know that they have rules of their own. We do not have control over the rules of the park; they are enforced by the Park Rangers. Please familiarize yourself with them to avoid unexpected issues.  Laws & Policies in Big South Fork - Active Alerts Alerts & Conditions in Big South Fork 

    Thank you so much for following our easy and simple rules!! We appreciate each and everyone one of you!!



  • Priority Check-in - If you would like to come early, you can take advantage of our Priority Check-in service for an additional fee of $10 prior to check-in time. If this option appeals to you, YOU MUST LET US KNOW AT LEAST ONE DAY IN ADVANCE so we can confirm that your site is available for this option. 

  • Stay and Play Package - Should your stay go by too quickly, we have two options for you to extend your time here! PLEASE CHECK WITH THE OFFICE FIRST before taking advantage of these options. 

First Option: Guests are welcome to extend their stay past the 11:00 am check out time for $10.00 per additional hour. This will allow you to "Stay" on your site for an extended time while you "play" out on the trails one last time before heading home. This option is subject to site/lodging availability and must be arranged prior to the 11:00 am check out time. 

Second Option: Guests are welcome to extend their stay past the 11:00am check out time for FREE if they vacate their site and stalls and park the trailer up by the office.  This option must be arranged prior to the 11:00 am check out time. This option does not include stalls. Stalls must be vacated to allow for set up for next customers.


  • Buy now, Pay Later - As a convenience to you,  we will start a customer tab for the items you need or want during your stay.  All we ask is that you settle up with us the evening before your departure. Credit Card must be kept on file.

  • Trash Pickup - We do not have trash barrels  around the campground to keep the critters away. If you have trash, put it in the back of your trailer at night then set your trash out by the front of your site before 10AM. We will swing by and pick it up. Please do not burn trash in firepits.

  • Delivery Service - Need firewood? Need hay or feed brought up to the Barn? Swing by the office and let us know your site
    number. We will gladly get it delivered! 

  • Horse Care/Dog walking service - Not riding today? Going for a hike or a day trip to Gatlinburg or Nashville? Might as well, your only 2 hours away!! Let us know and we'll check on your horses and dogs for you while you are out. Water, hay, feed - let us know what they need and we'll take care of them for the day. 

  • Dog Walking Service and Horse Care; call for pricing.

  • Trailer Cleaning - When you arrive we  help you unload your tack and supplies and bring them to your stalls and will clean out the back of your trailer. This provides a cleaner environment down by the sites and a clean trailer for the ride home. Not to mention the fact that the sooner you're unloaded, the sooner you can start your vacation! Then we will escort you to your site and make sure you get leveled and set up!

  • Stall Cleaning/Stripping- Your on vacation!! Might as well spoil yourself and take advantage of our Stall Cleaning and Stall Stripping services!! Ask about our daily stall picking and last day stall stripping service to make your vacation that much easier!!

  • Night time Check up - Your horses are just as important to us as you are. We know you are tired from a full day out on the trails. We'll make sure they are comfortable and no one is in distress, all locks are on correctly, and if your horse has gotten out - we'll get him back in! You can sleep soundly knowing your horse is comfortably tucked into his stall for the night. 


  • All visitors will be required to sign a Waiver and Release Agreement upon check-in at True West.

  • Current Coggins is what we are required to have on hand by the TN Dept. of Agriculture. Please make sure you also keep a copy in your saddle bags or on your phone as the Park Rangers might ask for them while your out and about on the trails.

  • True West is on Central Standard Time. Check-in time is 2:00 p.m.; check-out time is 11:00 a.m. 

  • Cell phone service can be spotty in Big South Fork area. Make sure to sign on to our WiFi and turn on 'wifi calling' to get the best service. 

  • Hay is usually available for purchase, but please check first. 

  • We are an Official TOTAL FEED Dealer. We carry Total Equine in the Mercantile.

  • We bed with sawdust, it is free of charge! Please use responsibly so that we can keep it free.

  • Ice and firewood are sold in the Mercantile.

  • Propane refill station is open for business!! 

  • The closest gas station is only 7 miles away at Beaty Wildwood Grocery, they do have Diesel. They also have a great short-order grill for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

  • Rainy days call for SHOPPING DAYS!! There are plenty of local tack shops and stores to check out in Jamestown and surrounding areas. Check in at the office for directions.

Our campground rules are mostly common sense but Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area also has a few Laws and Policies of their own. Since you will be riding in the park, please take a few moments to review them. 

** Fine print - campsites, tenting and lodging tenants are responsible for any damage to rental properties caused by their activities -- this would include damage such as: holes in the walls, damage to the floors, windows and carpet stains or burns, any breakages, stains, damaged electric or water poles, damage to fire rings etc. If loss of revenue results from the damage, renter is responsible for that as well. 


RESERVATIONS ARE CONTRACTS - every reservation is followed up with a written confirmation via email. This constitutes as a contract. If you decide to change the duration of your stay, or the number of stalls inside a 48 hour period of the day of your stay, it constitutes as a cancellation and you are financially responsible for the days and stalls you reserved. Therefore, it is in your best interest to notify us in advance if you wish to change your reservation. When it comes to weather, we can't control it any more than the next person. Therefore, please keep in mind that all reservations are accountable regardless of weather. Failure to read your confirmation does not exempt you from these rules. Once the check in process has been completed, Campground fees are nonrefundable. Management has the right to refuse service.


  • Outside 14 days of your arrival date - For Reservations canceled greater than 14 days from your scheduled arrival date, the deposit will be returned, less a $25 Administration fee. You are welcome to reschedule within a 6 month period.


  • Inside 14 days or less of your scheduled arrival date, your deposit is forfeited. However, you do have the option of rescheduling instead of cancelling. A $25 Administration fee applies.


  • Within 48 hours of your arrival date - The full amount of your stay is due for cancellations inside a 48 hour window. We will not have the opportunity to rebook your site or lodging  and undoubtedly have already turned business away. Anyone on a waiting list will have found other accommodations by that time. If you are rescheduling your reservation inside this window, a $25 Administration fee applies as we have already bedded your stall(s) and prepared your site.


  • Rescheduling your reservation - ALL reschedules are subject to a minimum $25 Administrative fee.

NO-CALL/NO-SHOWS -Will be charged the total amount due for your entire stay. No amount will be refunded or applied to future dates. We have already prepared your site and bedded your stalls. (Please make sure you call and cancel prior to your check-in date if you can't make it.)

BSF Laws & Policies

Firearms Regulations

Current Alerts 

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